STEM Flights Volunteer Application

Become a STEM Flights Pilot

Donate your time to educate for STEM Flights. Help foster a passion for aviation and change the future of our country.

Our STEM Flight Pilot Mentors (PMs) are the key to successfully motivating Students to pursue STEM and Pilot careers. Their enthusiasm and professionalism will largely shape the Students' interests in the next steps to a career.  

The Process: After your application is approved and background check complete, you will be matched with a Student in your area. The Student will have completed on-line training and be familiar with STEM as they apply to his or her selected Mission.  STEM Flights will provide a guideline (checklist) of suggested Mission Objectives for you to follow. You will then schedule a phone call to brief the flight with the Student and Parent/Guardian to make introductions and plan your flight date and time.  Next,  you will meet at the airport and complete the pre-flight, flight mission, and debrief. Note: You will not act as a Flight Instructor - flights are for demonstration only.

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Please tell us about the aircraft you would most likely fly on STEM Flights missions. Please note that our aircraft database is organized to group aircraft mainly by their general type and capability. Please try to find the closest match for your airplane in our database. If you cannot find a suitable match, please leave the aircraft selection blank, and we will fill this data in at the time of your orientation.

If you are a renter, let us know what types of aircraft you typically fly.

It is important that we have the tail number of your aircraft so that we can identify you to our passengers. If you are a renter or otherwise don't know the tail number in advance, leave that field blank.

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Many STEM Flights mentors lend valuable assistance beyond providing flying skills. Please indicate any areas in which you may be willing to assist us:

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This information & a signed Self-Certification Statement is required before being approved to conduct STEM Flights Missions.


The following documents must be uploaded to our system.

  1. FAA Airman Certificate
  2. Current Medical Certificate
  3. Proof of Aircraft Passenger Liability Insurance ($1M combined liability minimum) for the aircraft used (owned, rented, or borrowed).

The following documentation shall be self-certified by providing the information below:

Pilot in Command Hours* (250 hrs min)

Current Biennial Flight Review Expiration Date*


I understand that by accepting and conducting a flight coordinated by STEM Flights, I am not acting as an agent or employee of STEM Flights and I am solely responsible for the flight as Pilot in Command of the aircraft.  I certify that I will conduct a flight only if in full compliance with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations.  Including, but not limited to, those pertaining to: (1) the airworthiness of the aircraft to be flown (e.g. FAR Parts 23 and 46), (2) recent flight experience (e.g. FAR §61.57) and (3) medical certification (e.g. must possess a current medical certificate or “BasicMed” equivalent and have no medical deficiency as would prohibit me from acting as Pilot in Command under FAR §61.53).  I will also not  conduct a flight unless the insurance on the aircraft is in full force and effect in accordance with the insurance declarations (binder with $1 million combined liability minimum) and there are no policy exclusions that pertain to the flight for aircraft used (owned, rented, or borrowed). At any time I may be required to provide any or all documents to STEM Flights for verification.  

I am not flying for compensation or hire when I fly a STEM Flights mission as a volunteer.  I assume all responsibility for any and all risks to myself or my property associated with my flight operations.  I, and on behalf of my heirs and assigns, hereby release and discharge STEM Flights and all others associated with STEM Flights from any liability or damages whatsoever associated with my flight operations.

I declare that all information provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and that no relevant information has been withheld.  I authorize STEM Flights to investigate any and all qualifications or statements contained herein.

Please enter your full legal name to indicate your agreement to the Certification Statement above.