STEM Flights Volunteer Application

Become a STEM Flights Pilot

Donate your time to educate for STEM Flights. Help foster a passion for aviation and change the future of our country.

Our STEM Flight Pilot Mentors (PMs) are the key to successfully motivating Students to pursue STEM and Pilot careers. Their enthusiasm and professionalism will largely shape the Students' interests in the next steps to a career.  

The Process: After your application is approved and background check complete, you will be matched with a Student in your area. The Student will have completed on-line training and be familiar with STEM as they apply to his or her selected Mission.  STEM Flights will provide a guideline (checklist) of suggested Mission Objectives for you to follow. You will then schedule a phone call to brief the flight with the Student and Parent/Guardian to make introductions and plan your flight date and time.  Next,  you will meet at the airport and complete the pre-flight, flight mission, and debrief. Note: You will not act as a Flight Instructor - flights are for demonstration only.

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